Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Friends Like YOU
Needs Enemies???!!!

أهداء الى زليخه....و صديقتي صاحبة أجمل ابتسامه في الكويت


مدى said...


this is really nice

i wish that i'm your freind

they are really lucky to have you

Purgatory said...

Hmm, can I be an enemy to balance things out?

nanonano said...

Noa u can't....

Purgatory said...

waleeen, 7ata hathee emnashbtni feeeha!

JuSt Me said...

allah e3eenich...its very rare 2 find true friendship these days!

and what did they do 2 deserve this saying 3asa mo shai chayed?

zaleikha said...

My Dear Nano,
u deserved what u got !!!!!
next time come to the gathering so u wont have to ask me "yalla i wanna know every single details"
u know me, i dont pay attention unless some1 asks me to :)

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