Saturday, April 30, 2005

أحلى جمله سمعتها الأسبوع اللي فات...كانت من وحده صديقتي قالت
أكبر سكود كان في حياتي كان عبارة
"They lived Happily ever After"


Jelly Belly said...

LOL 7elwa...momkin astakhdem hal jomela wala 7ogoog al6aba3 ma7footha?

nanonano said...

Jelly Belly:
عليك بالعافيه

bo_ghazi said...

Nano, i'm not married.. so could you explain why this sentence is considered a "big Scud"? :)

LiL Alien said...


لأن اذا ما سمعت كلام زوجتك هذي الجمله لن تطبق ابدا :P

bo_ghazi said...

Lil alien

I didn't know aliens face same couples problems us earthlings have :P
No but really.. I think having minimum issues and periodical arguments are symptoms of a healthy relationship. Its how you look at it & handle it that makes a big difference. I don't... maybe what i'm saying is something you "married ppl" used to say before getting married, bs waqt alsijiyah its something different!

Judy Abbott said...

shino ya3ney??

Purgatory said...

I have an image of Al Bundy and Peggy.

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