Wednesday, March 02, 2005


some time i sit to myself and think why do people behave in such way?

they are too greedy..
they are full of hate..
they are full of sorrow..
they are sad..
they are mean..

Where is the LOVE?


mosan mosan said...

what love you are talking abt my friend ?

Jelly Belly said...

they need to be on prozac

مبتدئ said...

If you dont see Greed, Hate, sorrow, Sadness, Meanness (sp?) .. U wont ask about Love..

7ikma 3a66ayer ;)

Judy Abbott said...

intay min sijich ...

kaho jedamich read Don read jewaira (although her love is sexy) read antina, read jello bella, read purg. , read bo maryoum, read kuwaitism, read miskan , read the god father mosan( athough his love is 3al mo'6a)... read,, read.. hatholy ily 3ala bally but almost all those kuwaiti blog are spreading love in their words... awalhoum DON THE DON he is the love master .

Purgatory said...

nooni, why read me! I do not talk about love, ghaseb ya3ni :P

Nano, one more day then its weekend for you so besech 7ana ya 7anana :P

nanonano said...

*@@* nooni:

i'm not talking about the bloging word dear i'm talking about the whole thing...

أنت دواك عندي..خير انشاءالله

Purgatory said...

eee dowa, nafs kel shay you say 3endech bes ma shfna shay :P

Q80-Chill Girl said...

Its out there dont feel so dwn :}

& that kind of ppl i have to admit is well spread among us but still ako pure love for the sake of u, u will be very blessed of you come across it in ur life time.. if you do hold it tight dont let go even if for any reason that person(s) is gone!

Q80-Chill Girl said...

and :D am with muubtade2 !!

if it wasnt for the darkness of night we wouldnt have appreciated the morning glory! .. same goes for what he said about love & hate

Jewaira said...

Maybe people should get in touch with their selves more- understand their life and their feelings- and stop rushing about aimlessly
Of course you need to experience negative side of life to appreciate the positive.

بومريوم said...

أمس انا اسال نفسى..الكويتيين شفيهم صارو ما يتحاجون و نفوسهم بخشومهم؟

كنت فى وزاره من الوزارت و المكان زحمه شوى..
كان فى معاق على كرسى..و هو راجع بالكرسى من غير قصد صدم وحده..
ما بغى الا عمره..انت شفيك...فتح...ماتشوف..

نظرة انكسار و حزن على ويهه طول الوقت...

Zaydoun said...

بومريوم... هذه حيوانة مو متربية

Everybody else... love is all around us, but it's not a commodity on a shelf... one has to love in order to be loved

And if I, the self-proclaimed "hopeless romantic" can say that.. then you all can!

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