Sunday, January 02, 2005


من يوم الجمعه و أنا قاعده أفكر...شنو
مالي؟؟و طبعا لي الحين ما عندي...ما أدري ليش..فكرت بأشياء وايد بس مثلا
1). أحاول أصير الزوجه المثاليه..أدري زيدون وايد راح يضحكه الموضوع..مش حينفع..كلش مو أنا
2). أبتدي مشوار الدراسات العليا..ما أحب الدراسه
3). أسمن 3 كيلو..هذي مقدور عليها
4). أعالج نفسي من أدمان شراء الملابس..كل سنه أقول هالكلام.. و ماكو فايده
فقررت أني أبتدي سنتي الجديده بنيه صافيه..و راح أصير حليوه مع كل الناس..و راح أقلل من عسارتي قدر الأمكان ..وانشاءالله ما أزعل مني أحد..هذا أهم شئ


Jelly Belly said...

khosh resolutions...inshallah allah yes3edich o yeb3ed 3anich al3asara ya 3asal ;)

nanonano said...

J.B: :-*******
happpppy new year

Jewaira said...

itha intay 3asrah 3ayal i7nah shino ?
You have a nice online personality- so don't change ;)
My advice: don't make any resolutions cuz they only make you feel worse by the middle of January.

ولاّدة said...

كل عام وأنت بأحسن حال

أشاركك في موضوع الدراسات العليا ...والعسارة

الله يقدرنا

nanonano said...

Juwaira:واااااااااايد عسره بس استحي منكم

Zaydoun said...

انشاءالله يا رب تفك عنها العسارة وتلبسها 10 كيلو زيادة بدال ما هي عصلة ومصعوية

ولاّدة said...

زيدون ألم تسمع الأهزوجة الشعبية التي تمتدح العصالة

والتي تقول : يا عصاجل يا مصاجل ... حبكم في القلب صاجل

الزين زين ... لو ضعف او سمن
إشرايج فيني؟

PinkSuedeShoes said...

Happy New Year NanoNano!

Walhaaanah 3alaich :)

I've been reading your blog for a while, bes minkhashah min wara' ilkewalees ;)

You are a Born Shopaholic, it's ingrained in your genes. You inherited it from your Mother and her Mother and so on and so forth, so Makoo Faydah, she6beeha min il listah.

My New Year's Resolutions are as follows:-
1. Wash my Car.
2. Beat Up my Calculas prof. if he doesn't give me an A, (just kidding.. no I lied, I am serious).
3. Change my Personality, from Loud and Proud, to Quiet and Mysterious. 7addeeeeeeee Meshtahya a9eer min hal Banat illi hadeeeen w yeste7ooon 7addy 7addy 7addy!(so far it's not working, I keep forgetting and I laugh out loud.)
4. Stop Smiling in the car when I am alone, because I think it freaks people out.
5. Be a Better friend.

w Salamatkom, adree 6eweel il comment but I've "stopped" blogging (yegooloon) w ba3dayn 3indee wayed wajebat w projects w quizzes w presentations w midterms all due this week. W 6ab3an, when you've got a whole load of stuff to do you suddenly become "metfarghah" 7ag ay shay wala il derasah :D

PSS ! WOO HOO ! (weee nesayt baghayer sha'79eyty!)

nanonano said...

PSS:welcome back darling U commenting @ my blog is a great start for my 2005 Love U....missed u alot..;-)

P.S.I was told about your comment on Rushdi Abatha blog take care and i'll c u there enshalla when she comes back

mosan mosan said...

Dear nanonano

I stopped making new years resolutions so I do not set myself up for disappointments like I did in previous years.

The Don ® said...

Nanoa, wain being a good person, while you broke this in the third day, and being shireera with your friends.. LOL ;)

nanonano said...

i'm not being SHERRERA he's used to me
بس و حياتك راح اجننه

Purgatory said...

I think you will not make any of the four, not because you are not capable of that, or because you do not want that, but because you will change your mind about them very quick :) sa7 kalamee or not ?

nanonano said...

P72:I hate...u r right

Purgatory said...

:) saba7 alkhair

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