Saturday, January 08, 2005

يا صغر الفرح في قلبي


Zaydoun said...

Its because you're so damn skinny!!

mydream said...

nano :( what's wrong?

Jewaira said...

Go to the sea and smell the sea air. Take a box of your favourite chocolates. And a thermos of hot milk.
A blanket. And a friend (optional). A pen, and a notepad. Watch the sunset.
If you don't like that, then go watch Being Julia and munch on popcorn. You will enjoy this very adult film
Hope you are feeling a little better Nano dear

Purgatory said...

Jewaira, the sea is not the solution for everything :P

Jelly Belly said...

ismallah 3aleech ya galbi...I hope everything is ok? :)
is this a song by Al-Jasmi?

nanonano said...

Juwaira: u r right i feel like going to Chalaih with a fire place and just watch the sea...

the problem that i had a great weekend(thanx to Zaydoun) but when ever i'm happy somthing wrong will happen i never enjoyed my moments with happiness..

Zaydoun: enta me7tar menny

mosan mosan said...

I enjoyed the weekend 2 and the talk we had. but dont ever think that whenever you have fun something will go bad, take this idea of your mind completly and just tell yourselef that I will have fun and i deserve it.

Crappy_Nappy said...

Babe you need Safraaa
un judged
few clothes
bottle of champagne

Peace be upon you

nanonano said...

محد فاهمني مثلك

ولاّدة said...

اسم الله عليج نانو

وصفتي لج
ماي مقري عليه ... وشبه وحرمل ... وصب رصاص

وما عليج إلا كل عافية


Zaydoun said...

You definitely need a vacation... Aren't you going somewhere for the coming 3eed?

zaleikha said...

My Dear Nano,
this web page is for you and any other BRAD PITT lover..... enjoy :),1799,15663,00.html
P.S ya wailich if u call ME or HIM "u kniw who" during our meeting ;)

nanonano said...

Zaydoun: i want to go to Lebanon and u know that my hubby not free to go to any where....and my friends mo ma36ienny 7achwa..

Zalikha: i want him for real not on the internet..we ba3dain i told u indecent proposal but u refused...

Walladah: darling i think u know better that wont work...

I need to talk

PinkSuedeShoes said...

Nanoa ya Nanoa,


PSS :)

nanonano said...

أبيييييييييييييييي سياره

Judy Abbott said...

NANNNOOOO i have something for you .....

Brad pitt is AVAILABLE :D they broke up

Send him an e-mail girl he is AVAILABE;)

nanonano said...

please...please...i want his e-mail...but i'll have a rpoblem i need a funny guy not handsome...and i always prefer local..:-(

Jewaira said...

7alat el thob rig3tah menah oo feeh--- leave Brad Pitt for fantasy only. The locals are always closer to our hearts.

Nano I think it is only our female hormones that make us depressed some times. So now is the time for a massage with some nice smelling oils - yalla :)

Judy Abbott said...

نااانو عن التشرط عاد
ابهالديره كلهم دمهم خفيف نادر ما اتلاقين واحد ما يعرف ينكت

انتي طيعيني و روحي حق براد ،، تراه احسن اب وايد اشياء ثانيه اتخليج تفطسين من الضحك
بس خليه يتكلم ابدوي و ضحكي
سمعي النصيييحه

ammar said...

السلام عليكم
اتمنى لكم الموفقيه في هذا العمل الرائع وارجوان تقبلوني صديق لكم .

مـــع الشـــــــــكر


ابو اوس

stealth said...

السلام عليكم

stealth said...

السلام عليكم
انا توني داش سالفة البلوق صارلي اسبوع احوس واقرا المواضيع وماني عارف ارد عليها طبعا السبب في درعمتي هني اهي خفيفة الدم الاخت نانووو وانا كاتب عشان اعطيها من خبرتي (يالطيييب ) وارد على موضوع كاتبته في 1994 (صج مغبر ) المشكله اني دخلتي هني والموضوع اختفى فخل ادوره وارد اجاوب عليها وهمن انجرب الحجي هذا يطلع معاكم والا ايروح للكونقرس الامريكي

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