Sunday, December 26, 2004


اليوم أنا متلخبطه..عندي وايد تساؤلات..سامحوني اذا ما كان لهم معنى بس أنا حبيت أني أشارككم فيها
*ليش صار فيه خلط رهيب بالمفاهيم
*ليش كلشي صار عادي ماكو نتفة أحترام للنفس
*ليش صارت الوناسه أهم شئ
*ليش الاحترام صار صفه نادره


Purgatory said...

shmakla ams ?

mosan mosan said...

All the points are very much related.. One thing my dear they don’t have Dignity.

nanonano said...

ما كليت أمس يايتني حالة فقدان شهية

أصبت كبد الحقيقه
to the dot darling

Purgatory said...

Then I would suggest you get away from the scene you have in your mind, and try to find something where you have more faith in, and engage in that.

Make sure you eat something also.

nanonano said...

P72: u r right...and that's what i was thinking of doing

Purgatory said...

good good :)

بومريوم said...

السبب انتشار حالة اللابولابو
ماهى حالة اللابولابو؟
انا غنى لانى اقدر ادفع اقساط سياره غاليه
انا الاحسن و الباقى حثالة لانى اسوق سياره غاليه"14 الف و فوق"
وخر عنى لانى كويتى
هذى المرحلة الاولى ويمكن علاجها
ما اذا تطورت الحاله فخلاص تصير هوبلس كيس

bora bora said...


آنا متلخبطة نفس لخبطتك
ولا أعرف الأجوبة

Purgatory said...

bora bora, maybe it has something to do with being a libra?

Jelly Belly said...

walla ya 7abebety ilee ye7atarmon nafshom are rare to find!
bas I have faith inna aldenya lel7ain eb khair...o law kholeyat khorebat (ma adree itha gelt almathal 9a7 wala la'a!) hahahahaha :)

Crappy_Nappy said...

I think you Are right . being a libra is the reason
so many thoughts you always dont know what to do

nanonano said...

P72&Crapppiio: i think both of u r right being a libra i have to c balance things and the problem that we r living in immoral society

J.B: i think now in Q8 '7orebat

Purgatory said...

Nano, tara eldenya kelha kharbana, so its not only in Kuwait :)

PoRTuGa said...

You are rrrright no the money !! 7adddich kitabtay illi ib baaaaali !! ana ilyoum moobas mitlakhbi6 illa 7alti il nafsiya ta3baana jidddan !! oo atmanna bas atmanna inna il wa7id yifakkir gabil laa yisawee shay ghabi oo ghala6 !!

bora bora said...

purgatory : yeah could be

nanonano : I think it's becoz we socialize with
so many different people and always try to accept them and see the good things in them. At the end I ask myself where am I? to which group I belong? religious or athiests? I'm with all !! izeed il tilikhbu6!

I also think that one of the reasons of khal6 almafaheem
is that we sometimes change our perspectives to accept people we love.

Jewaira said...

Dear Nano,
Why? Indeed why?
It is so hard to find an answer to your questions. Is it because of the generations raised by servants? Is it because of globalization? Is it because of the Invasion? Is it because of our educational system?
I see alot of the old values - good values- have disappeared. I don't want to go on and on. Kalam ye3awer el galb

Zaydoun said...

أي مفاهيم اللي تخربطت؟ يرجى التحديد

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