Sunday, October 10, 2004

what's wrong?

i don't know what happened? but all of a sudden nothing wants to go right i thought i had such a grat life but this greatness started to disolve...i don't why????


Purgatory said...

Cheer up, it will be better.

Mama Fusla said...

Because it is that time of year
right before Ramadan when people begin to question what they did in the last years, their achievements, their relationships and of course their social responsibility!

Its a time when people begin to judge themselves and perhaps it is why they end up over endulging the 'graish' pagan festivities.

October is a strange month hopeful and always be hopeful, life can be beautiful and that beauty can reflect onto our souls of we allow it..

contemplation is healthy, dwelling is dangerous..
You are not alone :)

Poseidon83 said...

You wanna know why!
check my blog i just posted the answer :)

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